All your reporting and reconciliation ...
Done: Auto-magically

Imagine a world where you don’t have to spend time reconciling your multiple sales platforms and bank accounts …

Data from everywhere you do business

Whether you run your business online or offline, in online marketplaces or on your website, have a single bank account or many,  we aggregate all your data into one easy to manage place. 

We’re integrating with all the major banks and platforms to ensure that all your sales, expenses and payments are always available at the tip of your fingers.

Our Integrations
See how your business is performing
Anywhere you go

Get real time reports of how your business is doing. Paper provides easy to understand reports and tools that give you insight into your business and answers the questions you care about.

Turn your products into stickers that you can share anywhere

One of the most tedious tasks in managing your new business is sending your customers the same pictures, products, links and information over and over again. 

With Paper you can store all that information in one place and share them from any app. 

Create orders and accept payments
From any app

Whether you’re messaging in What’sApp, Facebook or Instagram, you can create orders and send payments without leaving the app.

In addition, you can get your customer data and history, send them the status of their orders all without leaving your  

Never be caught unawares again

Get customer history and information directly on your call screen. See the status of any orders pending, last interactions and a summary of their history before you pick up the phone.

Your customers will love how professional and organized you are. 


Turn your texts into data

Paper automatically scans your texts and turns them into payments, orders and expenses and turns those into reports. 

Get detailed insights into your business and recommendations to help you grow!

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